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--- A distruptive crowdfunding platform for accessing digital currency---

ArC is a distruptive crypto donation-based crowdfunding that invest mostly in women businesses, education and health in poor-resource communities worldwide. MISSION We leverage cryptocurrency donations to help empower women, promote girl child education and improve maternal and newborn health. CORE VALUES We INSPIRE you to SMILE. Our governing decisions are based on INSPIRE values of Integrity, Non-discrimination, Solicitude, Purpose, Information, Responsible and Eagerness. These are our culture that defines who we are, what we do and how we do our work. OUR COMMITMENT ArC is committed to be transparent and accountable to our contributors. You are now part of our women economy growth, education and life saving team. THE MESSAGE "We utilize cryptocurrency in our operations because it is sustainable digital currency that will impact businesses, education and healthcare revolution of the world". Lawrence Donsah Subscribe Free. Join ArC Now!