About Us

Why US

About one billion people worldwide are naive about cryptocurrency. These are the people who are also unbanked, underserved  and live in the base of economic pyramid. These people suffer from poverty, unstable finances, inequity and deaths especially among women and newborns in poor-resource communities worldwide.

How will you feel because of childbirth your unborn or newborn, mother or sometimes both the baby and the mother die?

How do you feel to choose between children education, health care or food because you have no money?

How can you save women and newborns during pregnancy and childbirth and improve families economic growth?

The problems we decide to solve with crypto crowdfunding are that;

  • Maternal and infant deaths are major concern
  • Low girl child education at higher levels
  • Poverty indirectly creates these deaths
  • Mass women population are financially unstable
  • No easy access to seed capital for women to start businesses. 
Every family regardless of place of origin envision for safe pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately not all women and newborns enjoy the right to life. While you have financial resources to improve your health and even invest to build wealth, others struggle to earn an end meet. WHO indicates; "everyday approximately 830 women and 9, 041 newborns die during pregnancy and childbirth. About 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. Sub Saharan Africa contributes more than half and one third occurs in South Asia". In these regions poverty and poor health are major factors to low girl child education.

With erratic inflow of donor funds to support poverty alleviation, improve girl child education and quality of health of women and children, what about we can contribute or donate to help one another to earn sustainable income, improve women and children health and invest in girl child education? ArC is the solution to make these social impact.

What We Do

To keep a balance between education, health and income, we exploit crypto crowdfunding to support people who need the most aid in poor-resource communities.

ArC is a new not-for-profit crypto crowdfunding that brings cryptocurrency to the door step of everyone. We invest in individual or family cause or conditions (business, education, health).We create awareness, adoption, access and application of cryptocurrency worldwide from grassroots communities.

As we transition to digital world with cryptocurrency, ArC is living no one behind. We target mostly women among more than 690 million active mobile money account holders worldwide who are new to cryptocurrency, unbanked, under-served and need funding to start businesses, seek health care and support their children especially girl child education.

ArC seeks funding, senses opportunities and shares with you. We believe that giving is sharing but empowering is caring. We give cryptocurrency to empower you to make your life worth living.